Current Projects

Working Professionals with Mental Illness:

Dr. Elliott currently analyzing 55 in-depth interviews she conducted with working professionals who function at a high level yet live with serious mental illnesses.

Border-Polar: Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder

Dr. Elliott is analyzing the overlap between two major mental illnesses that share many similar criteria yet ostensibly are entirely unique phenomena — borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder.  This project entails secondary data analysis of psychiatric epidemiological data.

Occupational Stress and Mental Health among Physicians

Dr. Elliott (with Michael Padua and Thomas Schwenk) is collecting survey data from physicians throughout the state of Nevada to ascertain how occupational stressors impact their mental health.

Racism and Mental Health since the 2016 Election of Donald Trump

Dr. Elliott (with Ashley-Marie Hanna and Paul Devereux) is analyzing the impact of direct discrimination on the basis of race/ethnicity on the mental health of college student women.

Masculinity and Mental Health

Dr. Elliott (with Dena T. Smith and Dawne M. Mouzon) is analyzing how men’s mental health is affected by threats to their masculinity.

Research with Graduate Students

Dr. Elliott is currently directing graduate student research at the Ph.D. and MA levels on a variety of topics including opioid addiction stigma, gender role strain and sexual violence, and blame attributions among survivors of sexual assault.

Awards for Research and Service

2016 Recipient of the Thornton Peace Prize

2015 Recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research

Elliott, Marta. Principal Investigator. “The Stress Process of Alcohol Misuse” sponsored by the National Institutes of Health

Elliott, Marta.  Principal Investigator.  “Gender Differences, Stress and Health Outcomes” sponsored by the National Science Foundation

Elliott, Marta. Principal Investigator.  “Veterans Coming Home to College: Sources of Strain and Solutions for Success” sponsored by the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Elliott, Marta.  Principal Investigator.  “Near-Lethal Suicide Attempts: Analysis and Recommendations” sponsored by the Nevada Public Health Trust Fund


Camelo and Elliott. 2019. Food Insecurity and Academic Achievement.

Naphan-Kingery and Elliott. 2018. Predicting College Women’s Perceptions of a Future in Engineering.

Garrison Doane and Elliott. 2017. Gay and Lesbian Experiences of Discrimination, Health and Wellbeing Surrounding the US Election

Smith Mouzon and Elliott 2016 Reviewing the Assumptions about Men’s Mental Health

Jones and Elliott 2016 Examining Social Desirability in Measures of Religion and Spirituality

Gonzalez and Elliott 2016 Faculty Attitudes and Behaviors towards Student veterans

Naphan and Elliott 2015 Role Exit from the Miliatry

Elliott and Doane 2015 Stigma Management of Mental Illness

Doane and Elliott 2015 Religiosity and Self-Rated Health

Doane and Elliott 2015 Perceptions of Discrimination among Atheists

Elliott 2014 Predicting Problems on Campus An Analysis of Student Veterans

Elliott 2014 Thai Buddhism and Well Being

Elliott and Lowman 2014 Education, Income and Alcohol Misuse

Elliott Naphan and Kohlenberg 2014 Suicidal Behavior During Economic Hard Times

Elliott and Doane 2014 Religion, Psychological Well Being and Health

Elliott Naphan and Moulton 2014 Inconsistent Attitudes Towards Troops Vs Veterans

Elliott 2014 Book Review of Toward a Sociological Theory of Religion and Health

Doane and Elliott 2014 Perceptions of Discrimination Among Atheists

Doane Elliott and Dyrenforth 2014 Extrinsic Religious Orientation and Well Being

Hayward and Elliott 2014 Cross National Analysis of the Influence of Cultural Norms

Elliott 2013 Gender Differences in the Determinants of Distress and Alcohol Misuse

Bennett and Elliott 2013 God Give Me Strength

Elliott Maitoza and Schwinger 2012 Subjective Accounts of the Causes of Mental Illness in the USA

Elliott Gonzalez and Larsen 2011 US Military Veterans Transition to College

Hayward and Elliott 2011 Subjective and Objective Fit in Religious Congregations

Lowman and Elliott 2009 Multilevel Model of Educational Expectations

Elliott and Hayward 2009 Religion and Life Satisfaction Worldwide

Green and Elliott 2009 Religion, Health and Psychological Well Being

Hayward and Elliott 2009 Fitting in With the Flock

Elliott 2008 Gender Differences in the Causes of Work and Family Strain

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Elliott 2003 Work and Family Role Strain among University Employees

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Elliott 2000 Stress Process in Neighborhood Context

Elliott 1998 School Finance and Opportunities to Learn

Elliott and Packham 1998 When do Young Mothers Work

Elliott 1996 Impact of Work, Family and Welfare Receipt on Women’s Self-Esteem

Elliott and Parcel 1996 Determinants of Young Women’s Wages

Elliott and Krivo 1991 Structural Determinants of Homelessness in US Cities

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